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Researchers from Greece, Poland and Colombia are studying the use of titanium oxide nano-photocatalysts in organic waste from forests


After almost two years of experiments and debates, experimental and computational results were published on the photocatalytic selective partial oxidation of a monoaromatic derived from biomass under ambient conditions and without additives/​chemicals, an investigation that has been carried out by a team of international experts within the that two scientists from the UCC meet, the brothers Juan Carlos and Ramón Fernando Colmenares Quintero. This is done thanks to one of the many scientific collaborations that have been carried out between the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Cooperative University of Colombia.

These are in-depth studies on the mechanism of action of a photocatalyst, a compound that acts through sunlight, to study in depth the molecules of organic waste from forests, which become compounds of great added value that can used to make medicines, cosmetic products, essential supplies for personal care, among others.”

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DOI Link: https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1016​/​j​.​a​p​c​a​t​b​.​2022​.​121939

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